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Thread: Tilite won't repair my chair!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    It's not my imagination. You have seen people selling products here. That requires them to protect the interests of the manufacturer. Can they protect the interests of the manufacturer and the end user? Sometimes but not always. That's just a fact.

    What seems to have gotten lost here is that Stephen is attempting to help resolve a member's problem. He may be leveraging his business relationship, but he is doing so for the benefit of the member and stands to gain nothing. If that strikes you as a conflict of interest, then I guess he is guilty.

    The President of Roho, Tom Borcherding, also monitors these forums. I don't think I've ever seen anything posted by Tom that comes close to resembling a sales pitch. He is simply helping members who have issues with his company's products. Should we banish him? He doesn't even have an SCI!
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