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Thread: Tilite won't repair my chair!!

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    Good point: I know Quickie has done a similar thing, with caster barrel redesign (and plenty more I imagine), but the serviceable vs non-serviceable aspects of any given design is where the proverbial 'rubber meets the road'. I applaud and appreciate design innovations, and accept the risk that means sometimes 'better' is a relative term. The TiLite design certainly looks the sleekest of anything else on the market, and style matters!
    Top End for sure, when they were still making chairs. Melrose Wheelchairs. Your points are still well taken.

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    This was from the local Tilite Rep, this is what he said Tilite was telling him. NOT the DME.

    and they are not guaranteeing they will repair it at this point, they want to look at it at the factory before they decide if they will repair.

    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Is this what your DME told you or what TiLite told you directly?
    From an earlier request for clarification on frame warranty policy from the TiLite contact I suggested you contact: "The warranty extends for the lifetime of the original end user. However, it must be normal wear and tear, not abused." Whether the fork stem is considered part of the frame is something that would need to be inquired about.

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