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A wheelchair is a medical device, and your needs have to be evaluated by a medical professional, a PT or OT with a ATP RESNA certification. A DME (or random folks online) can't really do this properly. Getting it wrong can have serious (and even life threatening) consequences. See an ATP OT. There have to be some in your region. There is a look up function on the RESNA dot org website. edit: Spaulding Rehab Hospital has one on staff.
Thank you! This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to uncover. I have not had the opportunity to trial any chairs set up like this. Frankly, I'm not sure how and where I'd be able to do that. Seems like the process as I understand it is for a rep from a DME to take these types of measurements and then get you a chair and hope for the best. Is it typically more interactive than iterative? How does a newbie like me really dial in a chair prior to purchasing it?