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Thread: RIP forestranger52

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    RIP forestranger52

    While I am not in a position which allows me to reveal his actual name, it is with significant sadness that I am informing the CC community that forestranger52 recently passed. He is one of a handful of cc members that I have personally met over the years and I know he valued the advice posted on this site by KLD and many of the regulars who routinely contribute to this site.

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    Thanks for posting this. The Ranger lived in the area where my family's farm is located. I got to know him quite well. Despite his struggles surviving in the middle of nowhere, he was always concerned about my welfare. Above all, he loved the forest. Rest in peace Ranger knowing that you had a positive impact on the woodlands. You truly tried to make the earth a better place.

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    Wow. Thanks for letting us know. Been a while, but I remember his online presence here quite well. RiP.
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    I am so sorry that we've lost another member of this community. My condolences to all those who knew and loved him.
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    So sorry to loose a long-time valued member. Thanks for letting us know, SCI_OTR.

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    Very sorry to hear this news. I always admired Forest Ranger's gutsy choice to live the life he wanted close to nature.
    May he rest in Peace.

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    Sad to hear, RIP. Just looked back through some messages we exchanged years back regarding outdoor chairs. Wish I could have met him, he didn't live all that far from me.

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    Sorry to hear this. I hope his transition was peaceful.

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    I remember Him, and sorry to read this. My condolences to His family.

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    Thanks SCI_OTR, sad to hear of his passing. We spoke back and forth over the years. He loved the outdoors and being able to stay near after his injury.

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