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Thread: if I don't resolve this soon, i'm going to end it

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelz99 View Post
    Do you get out any and can you push yourself around? The more motion you can get for your body the better. Get in a car and ride down bumpy roads if you have to. Not having this will slow your digestion down too.
    I wake up with so much air in my upper gut I literally must do the shimmy using my only movable arm as a swing weight just to burp it out.
    It's funny I know, I'm laughed at, but I'd trach my stomach if I could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    Just an aside, because I know gas is your major complaint - gas now passes freely and never twists me up like it did before, constipated or not.

    Yes! and you can store your farts for
    an obnoxious release of noxious effluvia when you unsnap and depress the bag!
    One of the few things a gimp can outdo an AB on.
    The bags I use have a filter that allows them to slowly deflate and totally masks odor. I am not a particularly stinky gaseous person in general, so it could be different if I was.
    "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Gandhi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C. View Post
    just read this, friggin eye opener sincerely, no sarcasm, could you advise....I thought they're vented?
    The ones I use have a little carbon filter that's supposed to vent and purify the outgas. They don't seem to work but that may be because they are up top adjacent to the ostomy, where I slime a new bag with the deodorant/lubricant, about the viscosity of baby oil. I do this because when the chocolate factory is working right (~85% of the tome) I poop Swedish meatballs. Properly lubricated they are a pleasure to deal with: pop the bag off and shake it out into the toilet and reattach.
    I'm probably clogging the carbon granules with lube, but it's not really a problem. I've never "blown a bag" although I have inflated a few

    Interesting footnote: sometimes the meatballs fire out of the ostomy like one of those pump-up guns I had as a kid that fired ping-pong balls. Witnessed once when changing the bag and shot one down my left leg!
    Why would anyone want to end this wonderful whimsical crip-life??

    Footnote II: IMO you'd love the colocomy! (Unless of course, you were into pain and suffering)
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
    NW NJ

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    Even with a colostomy, you can still get constipated. So you need to figure out what is going on. The medications that you are taking may be contributing to the issue, but you don't say how much your diet consists of fruits, vegetables, fiber, etc. Also how much do you drink? And can you physically get even a little more active.

    The other suggestion is to change your bowel program. You don't say specifically what you do, but until you figure this out, you might want to consider increasing the frequency to every day. Only change one thing at a time and stick with it for several days to a week until you change something else.

    Hope these suggestions may help a little.

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    Just sharing a thought. When doing my bowel, the more my bladder fills, the tighter everything down there gets. And if doing a stimulation while the bladder is full, it causes AD.

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    Wonder if people take pain pills because of the deleterious effects of pain pills.

    Welcome to The Flat Earth Society

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaspora View Post

    excuse the melodrama. ive been through a lot of shit. for decades. but what is happening to me now is unnacceptable and beyond my tipping point. I type this in tears. I. cannot. take. it. anymore.

    Remember your body is not only older, it is getting older with a significant injury and being a fragment of the population to have these issues, there aren't any "old quads" to find out historically how these issues treated.

    Back in the Stone Age when many of us were injured the knowledge and level of care now versus the 20th century are orders of magnitude different & better. However, just like dealing with your injury until now, there is a solution, you just need to find it, Because nobody else has.

    We will forever be guinea pigs, looking for ways to mitigate the devastation of our injuries while breaking and discarding the the emotional, social, and political chains placed upon us by society.

    The first thing that came into my mind is perhaps a new bowel program methodology, the second is finding what is causing the AD. Since breaking my neck have used a ducolax suppository and mild digital stimulation every other day. Monitoring the consistency with MiraLAX have found it to be a simple I/O operation, what goes in and subsequently what has got to come out.

    Would suggest, in an effort to gather more information to titrate MiraLAX until you have a large soft bowel movement. This will give you a baseline for subsequent changes if anything changes with the autonomic dysreflexia on the next bowel program.

    Then try different foods or omitting different ones. Think most people with a neurogenic bladder use a bowel irritant like bicuspidal to stimulate peristalsis.

    After 40 years my motility has significantly decreased and the ability to daily alter the consistency with MiraLAX is the best bowel tool I've ever used. Except for some reason Chinese beef and broccoli will help sometimes do the trick. :-)

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