Just curious of us manual wheelchair users if anyone has maintained relatively good health (outside of the obvious SCI) for a long, long time.

My shoulders are creaking and popping disconcertingly after 11 years of pushing a manual chair, and I'm a pretty skinny guy with full arm function. I'm starting to wonder how long I will be able to work before something breaks and I'm out of the labor force, possibly for good.

I know we live for a long time post SCI, almost as long as ABs, but living the way I am now independently, working, taking care of everything myself would be much different than if I couldn't lift my arms above my shoulders or had to use a power chair or had to not use my arms for six months after shoulder surgery (I can't even imagine that... what's the point of the shoulder surgery if you lose all function for six months?!?!??) and wasn't able to work any longer.