PBS Newhours did a story last evening on the FDA approving Zolgensma a one-time infusion drug that sells for $2.13 million dollars that can cure spinal muscle atrophy. Spinal muscle atrophy is a genetic disorder but not a spinal cord injury/disease. I could not find the PBS Newshours story but here's one close to it.

I have know several people with SMA and they did not live past 30 years of age and have passed away. To pay $2.13 million dollars and a have no SMA as said in the video, "There is no price on human life."

To pay $2.13 million dollars for a one-time infusion to cure a spinal cord injury/disease is it worth it? I say, "Yes."

The amount of money my insurance companies spent on my injury over the past 32+ years far exceeds $2.13 million dollars. Time of my initial injury I was in the hospital 5-1/2 months. My 23 day stay at the Cleveland Clinic in 2016 and visiting nurse for six months for an empyema and wound dehiscence was over $250,000.00 dollars.