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Thread: Strange but true

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    Strange but true

    My wife recently had a 30 day admission to a rehab facility after a hospital stay of 9 days. The care was wonderful, an ot even came to our home where my wife ( transported in our van did transfers to bed, toilet, shower chair etc.) to show readiness for discharge..After discharge we had in home pt and ot and nurse for about 3 weeks to assure my wife could do all adl activities independently.

    OK, all this was way better than expected but I visited everyday while my wife was a patient and the remote starts on our 2 full sized Ford vans would not work when parked close to the facility. Usually we never use our lifts without 1st starting the vans. The lifts seem slow and close to failure unless the engines are running. Any opinions as to why this was happening? The remote starts worked as soon as I went home or anywhere else.

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    Did you try the remote starts next to the vans, or just from a distance?

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    If there was a metal barrier between the remote and the receiver in your van it could block the signal. Was there another vehicle parked between you and your van when you tried the remote?

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    The hospital may have a security device to block the signal. Such could stop an explosive device from being set off from outside the building.

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    I was able to start our older van (2003 vintage) after I remembered the radio blinks twice when I depress the fob. I then opened the door, reached in and pointed fob at radio. This started the van. I did discuss problem with a maintenance guy on staff, he had no ideas. I was wondering if their WIFI could be responsible. The closest van accessible spot to the front entrance was worst. My wife wants to go back for a visit and I plan to bring two sets of keys and leave van running.

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    Long periods of idling is hard on the vehicle catalytic converter, and generally not a good practice. Easy way to get your vehicle stolen, and might even be against the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancientgimp View Post
    The lifts seem slow and close to failure unless the engines are running.
    This alone should be an indication that the vehicle battery is weak or may be rated as too low in amps to operate the lift without the help of the charging system.

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    This happened close to where I live. I suspect it's the same phenomenon...

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    SCI OTR, I bet you are right.

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