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Thread: E350 XLT Super Duty Van - Single user / driver with lots of upgrades

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    The AMG couldn't be modified so a W/C driver could drive so never was popular. For passenger only. In the olden days, the space between the front seats were wider. We paras could transfer thru the side doors, pull our chairs in and push up between the seats into the drivers seat. Only handcontrols were needed. Had 1 1/2" memory foam in the back covered by carpet. Used to be referred as "Shaggin' Wagons". My favorite was the '85 Astro van. Foam and carpet for the floor, paneled roof and sides. Did a lot of shaggin' for sure.

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    I think that's what killed the AMG, lack of seat options. I wanted one with 2 seats up front. I am quad but can go/walk/waddle from power chair to passenger or driver seat. If they had offered 3 seating options, 2 regular seats up front, drive from wheel chair, or wheel chair in passenger position, it would have had a larger market attraction. The cheap interior didn't help sales but being more mobile would have made that a minor issue for me. Some used units can be found with a search but they are asking too much for them, especially if you need them modified for seating. Parts and service is an issue as well.
    Astro's, really liked them. Reminds me of my favorite van, 1974 Chev full size (SWB). Twas back in the day when panel vans had murals, shag carpet, mood lights, and 8 track playing Doobie Brothers.
    Ahh, if I knew then what I know now, I would have done more then than I can do now.

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    Had a Ford vn with the shag carpet and mural on the side of a sailing sloop.Had a CB radio and quadraphonic stereo. ALso had a '76 1 ton Chevy. It was my favorite too. Astro was the most convenient. Was great when we went to State and National w/c games as we just slept in our vans. The mood lights, yep can't forget them.

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    The Triton Motor

    Quote Originally Posted by JMo77 View Post
    Hello Art!
    1. I would agree with you on not running them through the car wash. An option would be a good mobile car washer. Company shows up and interior exterior. Done!
    2. I drove this yesterday. I do agree that Fords, especially the older trucks would ride stiff. Maybe this is the lucky one. It rides really smooth.
    3. Havent had any issues with motor!
    Thanks for the response!
    They had a lot of problems with blow out spark plugs and timing chain problems. There is a lot about the problems with that engine just check it out on You Tube videos. Why I traded mine in when it got up to 50,00 miles. Wished they would have just stayed with the old pushrod motor. They all build stuff to brake down now days no matter what you buy. Sad really. A person does not know what to buy today. I bought the dodge 2012 mini van with the lifetime warranty. Has already paid for the warranty twice over. I like the old ford van just hate that Triton motor is all. JMO. They don't make the engine any longer as they don't make the E vans anymore either. Big mistake by ford IMO. Having someone come out and wash your van if you can afford it all the time. I sure cant. Why I bought the mini van cause you can run them threw automatic cars washers most the time. Hate that van cause I always had the full size vans. Really miss the full size vans for sure.

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