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Thread: Spasm intensity increased, why?

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    Do you get range of motion on your legs?

    I'm also a C-6 quad, also been taking 120 mg of Baclofen a day for a long time, and was also injured in the 80's. The older i've gotten though, any day that i don't get range of motion on my legs in the morning, i'm stiff the whole rest of the day and for some reason my feet will hurt even more than they typically do.

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    A lot of work to track down the cause

    When in rehab '82 went up and over the rails of the hospital bed and was hanging by my elbow. Next morning there was a new pill in my cup, 5 mg of Valium.

    These severe spasms kept throwing me out of bed and shooting me over the back of my wheelchair like a rocket or slamming my head on the headboard. Went up to 60 mg of Valium a day and then back to 30. The Valium was never controlled my severe spasticity.

    However, it did help to alleviate the pain caused by the muscles in my lower back firing when stressed. If there is not not adequate serum level can keep the muscles firing for days, putting me in incredible pain and wiping me out.

    So now after 37 years, no longer have the strength because of the atrophy to throw me out of bed, but still get the body slams.

    Remember my spasms use to go away completely for days after going scuba diving. Imagine that every muscle was totally relaxed floating there for a couple hours. :-)

    Best of luck, though do not understand what Florida has to do with your spasms, unless you want to go scuba diving. Moved here in 75 and it only gets hotter.

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    Thanks again for the feedback.

    To Cris- my mention of FL was intended to refer back to my comment that cannabis does temporarily relieve my spasms & FL's medical program. I can relate to the 'body slams' that you describe.

    I was not able to complete the Urodynamics testing because I was experiencing too many spasms. The facility did not have an accessible examination table which contributed to the inability to successfully complete the procedure. I am in the middle of educated the provider on that subject. The renal ultrasound was fairly benign, no kidney stones.

    Recently, I went to PT for an eval on my spasms. After 2 visits I was informed that the cause of the spasms are neurological and not muscular. Range of motion rarely helps beyond some immediate relief which quickly returns to spasms.

    I had surgery on a syrinx back in 96 so yet another issue to consider. I was in a bad vehicle accident back in 1991 and broke my right hip among other body parts. Since my recovery from that accident I do not sit straight. It seems like my right leg is shorter that my left leg. Spasms may come from scoliosis or a bulging disc.

    I appreciate the ideas/suggestions.

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