I had to type this up for a friend and figured it costs nothing to share it here, as well. It's tasty, relatively low in calories, and reasonably "healthy". Plus, not too hard to make (and get it RIGHT!).

We have this meal EVERY Sunday. For at least the past 10 years -- likely longer! (we arrange our joint schedules to ensure that we CAN do so!)

Suggested brand names are highly recommended as we've tried countless substitutes, over the years, and have been disappointed whenever we've strayed from these recommendations -- particularly the Hoisin sauce and bamboo strips!

Of course, pay attention to T/t!

  • 1T soy sauce (Kikkoman)
  • 1T dry sherry (Tio Pepe -- but not that critical)
  • 1t sesame oil (Kadoya)
  • 1T corn starch

  • 3T Hoisin sauce (Dynasty)
  • 1T dry sherry (Tio Pepe)
  • 1T soy sauce (Kikkoman)

[This used to also include 2T of honey but we found it too sweet]

  • ~10oz pork tenderloin (Swift Premium)
  • 9.5oz bamboo strips (Aroy-D, this is half of a 19oz can; STRIPS, not SLICES)
  • 1 "bunch" (~6?) scallions

  • mix marinade
  • Slice (cleaned!) tenderloin into strips ~1 inch wide, 1/8 - 3/16 inch thick
  • marinate pork strips for ~3 hours

  • drain bamboo strips
  • mix sauce
  • slice bottom ~2inches of scallions into 1/8" slices (trim root end off); place in a serving bowl
  • stir fry pork strips (medium heat) in 12" frying pan (or wok) greased with a splash of sesame oil
  • when pork is cooked (no pink remains), add bamboo strips
  • add sauce
  • stir to bring bamboo and sauce to serving temperature

Serve over a bed of your favorite rice (steamed or fried). Garnish with scallion slices.

As we make this so regularly, we purchase the tenderloins in ~5 pound packages (Costco) -- four tenderloins per vacuum-packed package. We clean/trim them and cut them into ~10 oz pieces; wrap in Saran wrap ("cling wrap") and freeze. The night prior to serving, we remove one piece from the freezer at ~1AM and transfer it to the refrigerator. It has then thawed just enough to make cutting easy by ~8AM (if thawed completely, it's a little harder to cut finely as its soft and squishy). Marinated, this is then ready to cook just before noon.

The entire meal is about 550 Calories (split between us) and costs about $5 (~$3.50/lb pork; $2.50 hoisin makes 2 meals; $1.60 bamboo makes 2 meals; $0.50 scallions) -- not counting the rice. It feeds two of us (I eat the lion's share of the meat -- but no rice; she opts for the rice, and less meat).