I am truly stumped and I would imagine it is a simple thing.
I water the neighbor's yard. I noticed my phone (Android LG) connects automatically
to a SSID. As usual behavior that the droid and most devices follow of
connecting to an open wireless network and those that were connected to
with correct credentials such as here at home.
I have never connected to any adjacent connections. It is running WPA2 etc.
Nothing open nor easily attacked like WEP.
I have a different device that is rooted and tried turning it on there with no go.
I am not about to rootkit my phone. Just out of curiosity, why would my simple
device decide to log in? I have scanned for MAC addy cloning and am aware of MITM and the usual. Gone as far as
using Wireshark from home with the help of a booster ... It puzzles me.
Any ideas from my net gurus?