Hello, Im T6 complete. I’ve been 12 years post injury using digital stimulation in bowel management, it was and still working good. Until recently, i started noticing more frequent blood (like once every two or three month or more) caused by my fingers irritating the rectum which makes me halt the bowel operation until next day so the rectum wall could heal. It’s nothing more than a lump, bump, pimple kind of that was irritated or a very tiny fissure. So I decided to move on and use dulcolax supository, in order to avoid further exhaustion and irritation of the interior of the rectum. My questions are: I hear that people are afraid that the intestine get used to dulcolax supository in order to empty itself, but in our case arent we (like our intestine) already used to digital stimulation? So nothing is changing, am i right? Or do they mean, like if we get used to dulcolax supository then even digital stimulation won’t work anymore? Another question: Any of you have been using dulcolax for long period of time like many years and on regular basis like everyday? or every two days? Another question: do you use lubricant after say 30 minutes of putting the supository in order to help extracting the stool? Another question: Did Dulcolax cause you accidental diarhea after say like hours of evacuating the stool, i mean its effect could last that long? One more question, i am used to lay on my right to empty my bowel, however on dulcolax they suggest laying on the left, it would be harder for me to lay on the left due to my spasticity, so do you think it could make a difference, like i should try to do it on the left, is it indeed better, like it makes great difference? My last question: Is it ok, for us, paraplegics with complete SCI, to use dulcolax supository everyday?
Many thanks!