I have always, 8 years, used Marathon tires. In that time, I have had only one or two punctures, even though I roll on the streets every day. I like the durability of the tires and the treadwear life. I do not mind the weight since I roll into a van. What I really do not like is how difficult the tires are to get on and off the rims. It is not just installation and replacement. I like to reverse mount the tires to even up the wear caused by the wheel camber. And right now I need to replace my pushrims, necessitating tire removal. With my level of hand function, mounting these tires myself is out of the question, and a friend who routinely helps me with projects does not like struggling with these. Last time I had a bike shop do it they damaged the bead and I had a blowout the next day.

So, can anyone recommend an easier to mount alternative that has as good, or almost as good, puncture resistance?