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Thread: Puncture resistant alternative to Schwalbe Marathon plus Tires

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    The system may be awesome but this is crappy IMO:

    "The upside for the trade: only certified specialist retailers can fit and sell it!"
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    Ever since my first experiences with skinny, high pressure "hip" tires, I've just wimped out and run 1 3/8" bicycle tires. Probably a good plan because until two years ago I spent my weekdays at my foreign car repair shop and metal slivers were a constant problem.

    So I picked up a spare pair of wheels, which I called 24" until I measured the actual OD @21 13/16"!
    Someone gifted me a worn pair of 25-540 Primo (China) tires an one tube.
    Last night, I swapped the handrails to the Natural Fit ones I got, and then checked out the Primo tire.

    I put the skinny tube in the skinny tire with minimal air in, and was astonished that I was able to get it onto the rim with minimal struggle and no tools excepting I had clamped the axle into my vice so I could spin the tire (more for mounting the handrail actually)

    WTF!!!?? Twenty years ago I wrestled with new/skinny/hip tires and they were impossible, even with special rim wrenches! I ruined one tube and gave up.
    I left the used tire overnight with 100psi and this afternoon, it's fine!

    I'm finally gonna be one hip crip mother fukka with my yellow spokes and hip rubber!

    And why I posted this: until I buy new tires and go back to the future??
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    Postscript: based on (my interpretation) what I read somewhere (here?), I had ordered a pair of Primo
    1.5x24 for these wheels. They came, also marked 40-507 and....They are bigly too small!

    How can one 24" tire be a different diameter than another? Are they talking OD? Am I dumb? Please visit:

    and, anybody need a new pair of 24x1.5 Kendas, just let me know.
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    Have you checked out Kenda Koncepts? I've never used them on a wheelchair, but I used to use them on my bike when I was a/b. They held up great even through my commutes through the ghetto.

    I also always use the belt and suspenders method. I get puncture resistant tires and use puncture resistant tubes.

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