I'm trying to keep expenses down while the same time trying to preserve the longevity of my caregivers. Between turning me twice (and helping to cath once) between bedtime and morning, any caregiver who has to do this and then do a full day's work the next day only to repeat that the next night, any caregiver would suffer from exhaustion due to lack of sleep. Much less trying to do this seven days per week. Often times the nights require more frequent care.

So I break it up into weekday daytime and then nighttime, and then the same for the weekends. However, this results in four employees and is a lot more money than if someone just had a live-in m-f. My weekend wages are comparable, whether splitting it up or someone living in for the weekend.

Having several people also allows flexibility for vacation, sick, and other issue coverage.

I've been a quad for 31 years and live alone and need full-time coverage, for doctors visits, cooking, shopping, cleaning, and a myriad of other tasks. It cannot be packaged into a two hour in the morning and two hour in the evening routine. I do not want to bankrupt myself (or do other legal means) in order to qualify for Medicaid coverage for home healthcare. That has its own issues.

And around here, you are not going to get anybody in your house for less than $15-$25 per hour, and usually more once they know they have to do tasks such as bowel care. Just do the math and you can see how much it is going to cost.

I just don't see any way out of this and wonder if others have been similarly challenged by such circumstances.