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Thread: Permobil vs. Quickie powerchair

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    [QUOTE=miltongm09;1878936]I actually do have the elevating so not sure why his height difference is so much. I took measurements of the 2 different chairs because I had very little extra headroom for my van. 1/4" difference[/QU
    Sounds like the cushion may make the difference.

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    I have a Rovi X3 which is not very wide... just got it into a regular cruise door this past week but only went half in to see if I could because I wouldn?t have been able to get out as it was tight. Suspension is good. I have put over 1700 miles on it but I have only had to change batteries after the first 2 years and at almost 3 years I now need new tires and backrest soon but all of these things are typical wear and tear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    Consider the ZX-1 hang on power unit.
    It tucks under your manual wheelchair without any compromise of space/maneuverability excepting the higher arm-rests (which you can swivel in/over your lap, or if you need to reach the floor, swivel away).
    It attaches/disconnects in seconds.
    It gives you some great options other than being stuck in one or the other (manual/power)
    It's about 75lbs, maybe 15 less with LiFePO batteries), so not practical for someone to lift into a trunk, etc. I made a simple hoist to load it into my wife's SUV for travel
    ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

    You KNOW your manual chair, clearances, comfort, where it will fit. The ZX1 preserves almost all of that and is a smooth running power chair.
    I got mine with <90 hrs on it for $1600 used. They come up pretty regularly.
    3.5 mph..??! Nooo thanks! Why must it be that dang slow??? That's horrible. Bad enough going 6 mph. I miss my Xterra that went 8. Bleh.

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