I've finally been approved for a new powerchair. Though I use a manual 90% of the time, more and more it's convenient and helpful to have a powerchair. Especially with the raising function now, that would help a lot in the house. Unfortunately my house is small, and no way any powerchair is gonna get in my bathroom. My last chair is a Permobil M300, and it quickly started falling apart using it outside so much. It's been a headache. The rep brought out a Quickie (forget the exact model, but the one Medi-cal pays for), and I liked it, nice and quiet, looked good, etc. However a friend warned me that she knew someone with huge trouble, so much that they had it declared a lemon. They commented how many others also had an issue with that chair, so it made me cancel. The rep said they're the best outside, with the articulating wheels. I did like that. The Perm was rough, rattled my brain lol. So the friend is trying to get me to go with a front wheel drive, saying it goes over terrain much better. I rejected that last chair around, because it went only 5 mph, and felt like I was falling forward when I stopped suddenly. (though I kow with the little wheels it really won't). But now they do go 6 mph. Which still SUCKS, why can't our chairs be allowed to go faster ?! I'm not allowed to pay for upgrade speed package either. Ugh. I also hate the footplates on the Permobil. They don't clean easily, and are just big. On a Quickie I could get one similar to the manual chairs, and I like that since my favorite chair was the old Invacare X-terra. That was a tank of a chair!
So what are the opinions here? I sure wish an F4 could be funded. But should I nix the Quickie and go Perm again?? I am active outside, do dog sports (hence speed is handy).