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Thread: Permobil C350 question, need more speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by landrover View Post
    Would they be usable on sand?
    Probably not those tyres but other 120/70 x 8 or 110/80 x 8 might be. If you go wider you will need new wheels. If you do it try and go tubeless

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    Quote Originally Posted by automation View Post

    I'll take some photos, Monday, as I've got the wheels off a Permobil chair, currently
    I looked at a few different chairs, today, and can't see any practical (i.e., "on the cheap") way that you can get a 50% (starting from the 6.5MPH "high speed upgrade" configuration) to 100% (starting from the 5MPH "base" configuration) increase in wheel diameter (to get to 10MPH) without seriously modifying the chair.

    The wheels can't continue to exist in their current "planes" as they will interfere with tie-downs, anti-tips and even the seating plate (unless you're configured for a really narrow seat!). And, any increase in diameter comes with a corresponding increase in seat height. (this may be desireable if operating outdoors as it gives you enhanced ground/obstacle clearance).

    You might be able to shim the motor mounts outward (probably more robust than trying to move the wheel out). And, if you could fabricate a (simple/flat) "shim" to do this for the motor, you could potentially rotate the motor upward so that the output shaft of the gearbox is raised to counteract the effect of the increased wheel diameter -- make it resemble a manual chair's proportions.

    [Actually, this might be an easy "kit" option -- if suitable tires could be found!]

    To the OP: Yeah, you're SoL. Looks like 5 (or 6.5) MPH is all you're going to get... (I think there are some Quickies that will offer you 8.5MPH)

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