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Thread: Those doing Gent bladder flushes. Read this.

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    Those doing Gent bladder flushes. Read this.

    So I reluctantly started doing these bladder flushes a year ago after that 6 month study came out saying bacteria wasn't becoming resistant. Some people saying they have been doing them for decades they are safe and other like me who can’t make sense how doing this day after day how cant they become resistant. And after a year of having 5-6 infections I have now bacteria (ecoli) that is resistant to gentamicin, tobermycin and 3 other antibiotics.

    Im stoping this insanity now, becoming resistant to the two strongest antibiotics is a horrible thing and god knows how many years this has taken off my lifespan.

    For those out there saying this this is a good thing and pushing antibiotics, I’m here saying its not.

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