Getting to the stage I need to select an interior floor color for hardwood/vinyl planking for my house.... and butting heads with my fiancees preferences...

She think it should be a driftwood grey type look because that's an in look and neutral... and she thinks light natural wood color is dated and out of style... I see it more as classic, timeless... but more to the point the grey flooring is real dull, flat, lifeless and completely lack any feeling of 'warmth' to me. It's a very 'cool' look.

I like:


She likes:

(Give or take)

I'm so frustrated and conflicted.... I know she doesn't really feel like the house is 'hers' but 'mine' (that she inherited because I had started planning it with my past ex gf before her, even though I explained the house was mainly driven by my wants/needs around the wheelchair... so she look at it as 'mine' but that I'm trying to mold it to what she wants too). So I'm trying to concede design elements like I re-org'd the kitchen/half bathroom and laundry room to her pref.... I've told her you pick the furniture.... and I'm trying to find a compromise on colors... but we really seem to not like the same thing and kinda dislike the others like fairly strongly.

I don't want to say "I'm paying to bill so I override you" but I'm not a fan of that flat cool look... I like warm feeling brighter light wood. Our contractor is siding with her pref... my Mom who I've always consulted on design/color choices sees it my way.... so that ain't helping....... so frustrated & conflicted.......

Suggestions on what to do?
Any personal opinions on what looks best between those choices? (and your rational)