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Thread: Portable Toilet Seat Pads

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    Portable Toilet Seat Pads

    I carry about two folded over foam yoga mat pieces I attached some velcro strips to right now whenever I'm outside, to attach to toilet seats in an attempt to make them a LITTLE softer on my bum. That said, the foam is pretty soft and gets squished down to almost nothing so I'm not sure how much it helps.

    I heard about the gel pads from Action a little while ago, and don't see too much on CCC about them: curious if anyone's tried these, and what their thoughts are?

    Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions on something I can carry around with me in a backpack? I have a K Cushion but it's just a little too big (and honestly a little hard to balance on) to be completely portable.

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    If you have not touched one of these pads before, there is one tiny sample of the material here that can be sent to you.
    The pads are made from an Akton viscoelastic polymer material that does not contain Latex.

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    It's a nice soft-but-firm gel; my 250# husband used the toilet pad in a shower/commode chair. It won't squish to nothing. I still use another block of it as a footrest when at my desk. But yeah, get a sample and see.

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