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Thread: Anyone ever deal with pressure sore in this area?

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    Anyone ever deal with pressure sore in this area?

    So I?ve been dealing with this pressure sore for months now,it?s between the scrotum and rectum. They don?t think it is pressure from coccyx or ischials.
    it started I think from shearing as my butt tends to slide over to the right and I try pushing up and sliding my butt back over.i use a high profile Roho.was superficial in beginning.
    the wound is now .5mm x .6mm x .7 mm depth.i go to wound care 1 x week.
    i am going to wound care,they are cleaning it with vashe,then inserting Bout a 4” piece of this stuff called cutimed sorbact(.they were using prisma ag for bout 6 weeks before that) ,covering with a piece of mepilex then clear tegaderm. They used Isidorb for few weeks before the prisma ag.
    It gets changed every 2 days by rn.
    I haven?t been off it as much as I should.i have been laying down 3-4 hrs earlier during week,and off most weekends lately..I?ve been totally off it for 4 days now..usually up 11 hr day before all this,,lately up 6-7 hr a day.
    ive never dealt much with a would in this area..
    when I get out of w/chair,my pants are a little wet from a clear seepage that comes from rectum,that has been going on for awhile..I?m not sure what causes that but it?s probably irritating to skin..any ideas for some kind of protectant in this area?
    or ideas on a wound treatment for the sore that others have used?
    Thanks everyone.
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