I work with a few different non-profits that regularly receive (used) DME. The goal is usually to find new homes(permanent or temporary) for these items. But, there are no monies available for refurbishing any of it -- "labor" can be donated (as mine is) but rarely monies for that purpose (the organizations usually have other goals, as well, that compete for funding)

Powerchairs come in much faster than homes can be found. Sometimes, they're just too (ab)used to merit any sort of reconditioning. Often, their needs are simply too costly (e.g., replacing batteries is ridiulously costly). And, as they are large/bulky, the space they consume is precious.

Long story short, a great many of these are just scrapped.

But, not all. E.g., today I found a home for a Permobil m300 HD. Last week, a tiny 3-wheel "scooter". I think I've a client lined up for another m300 next week with a child-size seating system. Etc.

I've recently started cherry-picking the "low hanging fruit" off the chairs as "spares" in an effort to save time "repairing" other chairs. E.g., the m300 HD's joystick controller had been physically damaged so it was easier to just swap it out with a controller harvested from a previously "trashed" chair.

Today I pulled the lighting off of another m300 (I see a LOT of m300's!) thinking it could be retrofitted to another "intact" chair. I later realized this was probably folly as it took way too much time to remove the parts -- and, undoubtedly, will require a similar amount of time to fit them to another "new" machine.

Wheels seem like they're easy to remove. But, I've never encountered a chair that was in need of replacement wheels. Other "seating" parts seem like they would just quickly clutter up any storage space I can find. Working batteries can get transplanted to a waiting chair -- but won't get stockpiled for similar reasons of space.

What other bits might I want to target? Ideally, I'd like things that could easily be explained to -- and performed by -- another volunteer as I'm trying to transition out of this particular support role.

Alternatively, are there any particular makes/models that are easier to "service" that might make for more productive use of this limited amount of time? Especially for a less experienced/capable volunteer?