So I am getting older(c5/6 quad) and have driven for 35 years. Figured it out the other day and close to 600,000 miles. I have never caused an accident in all my years. I have been hit multiple times, 3 from the rear and once head on. None my fault. I am safe to a fault. I am thinking out to the future and I anticipate as I get older that driving will be come an issue if I don't get further modifications. I drive from a powerchair which is not nearly as steady or safe as driving from a regular seat. You never feel as comfortable or balanced driving from a wheelchair. This makes at least for me the left turn not nearly as smooth as right turns. I anticipate that becoming an issue at some point. It is more of a balance issue than a strength issue. I have used low effort and regular power steering and they both have same issue for me. I know there are joystick solutions but I believe the cost to be outrageous. I wonder if changing the steering quick ratio may be the solution I am looking for and was wondering if anyone has done that or know if it's even a possibility? My current steering is 3.5 turns from lock to lock. My thought is if you could get it below 2 then you wouldn't have to come all the way over the top for left turns. Any thoughts on this or ways to make the body more stable for turns? Appreciate any discussion.