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Thread: Quickie Shadow handcycle

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    Congrats SR. Very nicely done. It's been a pleasure following your progress through the restore.

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    A couple of images of the outing.

    Today I am feeling the last of the effort from Sunday.
    What I have realised is that the sharp stab that sometimes came with moving my right shoulder is no longer apparent.
    This exercise lark could be good for me in other areas too.
    Its all positive news, except for some motorists
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    Congrats SR! Looks really good. You're going to have a blast with the Shadow. A well built early handcycle that'll out perform the any new one in the same price range. Just have to change out the hand. grips for better efficiency and easier on the forearm position

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    Hello Pat. Yes, I am very happy with the initial trial run. That incline in the image was probably 20+ degrees and steeper prior to that section. The outing offered me so much although I could have done without the excitement of being near-mounted by the car.
    I have come upon a smaller wheel with a 6 speed cluster on a hub with drum brakes and internal gearing by chain selector. Could be two or three speed but not sure.
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    From your photos sent, more than likely a three speed. Making it an 18 speed. Add three chainrings on top and would end up being a 54 speed. I had one similar and really liked the internal brake.
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