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    permobil f3

    Has anybody had any experience with or knowledge of the Permobil F3? I am due for a new power chair and will consider it, given that you can put three aftermarket backs on the chair. My previous experience with my Permobil C 300 was absolutely terrible, I feel due to the terrible back system that could not be modified. Mechanically I did not have too many problems in five years. I'm hoping that the customizable back will alleviate my problems. Medicare is my insurance and they only pay for a few brands and a few models.

    A therapist told me that some patients are reporting issues with the smoothness of turning in the f3 due to some type of "catching" of the rear casters that is somehow inherent to the chair. The local Permobil representative was consulted for this problem. It is hard to believe this would be an issue.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to make another mistake and consign myself to another five-year prison sentence.

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    Reviving an old thread.
    The "catching" or jerk caused by casters direction change is semi normal. Tires worn in helps a little. Some floor surfaces give tires more stiction = worse. Still less jerking than mid drive M300.

    I ordered a new F3 today. Arrives in about 6 weeks.
    I didn't like the Corpus 3G standard seat back in my previous chair, so this time I got an aftermarket back with softer foam and a different contour (will give name and my opinion later).
    Medicare actually covers it and at 2 yr intervals, will pay to maintain it (maybe replace). I also get to keep the standard 3G seat back (may swap out for a change at some point).
    Note: this seat back mounts more forward than standard so seat pan depth was increased to compensate.
    Anterior tilt was my biggest attraction to the F3. With it, seat height goes from standard 17.5" to 19.5". However, with optional seat riser ($1500 out of pocket), the seat height is 17.5" lowered and anterior tilt is a lot more verses w/o riser. This may explain why so many complaints about F3 seat heights. May be a marketing tactic too.
    Another option is the USB port ($200). It will be under left arm rest, pointing at my bed, ready for my USB night light to allow me to see TV remote buttons (little touch/feel in my hands, need to look).
    I asked about high speed kit. Too expensive for an additional 1.5 MPH in my opinion.
    I wanted Platinum color but it was a $200 option (marketing aimed towards wealthy). Getting white. I can paint it later if I want.
    Several weeks from now, I'll post my opinions after I run it through my benchmark.

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    You are not locked in to the Permobil back system. You can request evaluations with the back systems that may suit your needs better. I have a Roho back system. But there are others for your consideration. Request other options. They are out there.

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