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    The Schlumpf drive is assembled. I was a bit heavy on the grease but that will sort itself out over a short time. I used molygrease to capture the balls on the race then finished off with the Penrite NLGI 00 grease.
    On the bench it shift a lot sweeter and appears to be working well.
    A final check of the Sachs hub I removed the torque arm to recheck the steel brake ring and brake cone - all good.
    I had a rat around my old chair bits and found some brake clamps that will fulfill the role of securing the Schlumpf torque arm (with a nod to you Smity for your fine example) it will serve to support the park brake too.
    I will be using 2 TiLite brake support clamps because they are more refined than the Karma example. Being black they will blend in well enough.
    I'll be using 2 outer pieces; one will require drilling and counterbore to accept the cap screws.
    I think its new position will be an improvement. It is not set in stone though, there may be a swap of the gear selector and brake position??
    So tomorrow the chainguard should be beaten straight by Jason and some machining of the alloy bits at a mates place. A slug inserted in the thin wall steerer tube. Bicycle seat stem clamps eased out. Remove metal from the LH crank to 25mm and deepening the recess for the Schlumpf buttons to the recommended depth of 8mm (-0, +0.5), bore a piece of old mountain bike bar to sleeve the brake lever arm thingy.
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