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    Quickie Shadow handcycle

    I bought a bicycle for my wife, well two actually. The first is a cheapy, a 1960 Elswick Escort single speed - her shopper. It needs some attention like new tyres and a clean, then wax or clearcoat to preserve its originality.
    Before collecting the Elswick I found this BSA badged dutch style bicycle. Much nicer with only a few faults like bent handlebar stem and split sidewalls. I suppose it will be her stepping-out special occasion bicycle.
    So, with this 'new' transport I feel I need a vehicle that I can accompany her on. The wheelchair wont cut it in the speed stakes.
    If I can afford one, I am considering a trike. A Top end handcycle looks promising.
    Who has such a trike and what are your opinions on the stock shop item.
    And importantly what modifications have you found beneficial to you and why?
    I thank you for your input
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