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Thread: Quickie Shadow handcycle

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    iron chains on and the chainring is pressed.
    You are speaking of plain run-of-the-mill black steel chain Patrick?
    I will be venturing out to the shed when the weather improves to carry on the cleaning and sprucing up.
    I have to split the chain and soak/shake it in petrol to see what condition it is in. If it's worth a few more clicks, it will be put back to use.
    Best I start counting links and find some half reasonable quality chain.

    I was a bit hasty with my comment in myprevious post. I did receive a return email from Sunrise Medical early yesterday morning and am waiting on them to get back with a date of manufacture/shipping and information on the frame composition. Misti has promised to do her best- and that is all that can be done. Fingers crossed That I get a good result.

    Before I delve into the mountain drive, a schematic of this older(?) Schlumpf drive will be helpful too. Busy and enjoyable
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    Smity nice looking bike you have there looks brand new. Good work on the upgrades. Everything looks tight and clean

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    Yep, they put on a heavy steel chain as standard. I usually change over to a Shimano or Shram depending on the chainring and cassette setup being used. I agree with DJ on changing out the handgrips on now. They are ergonomically way srong for long term riding without injuring the wrists and elbows. I may have something around, will check.

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    You are absolutely right DJ, getting moving is most important for a few good reasons.
    Seeking out information on the machine to have it at my finger-tips when I do attend to those matters is an easy chore from the keyboard.
    Experience counts for a lot. Thank you for the pointers on grips and your suggestions for shifting/braking.

    I will be making contact with Trikes NZ this week to see what they may have available here; or shipping from your neck of the woods may be a reasonable option too.

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    The TopEnd I trialed out for the short time previously had the factory units that DJ linked for me. I felt that potential you speak of when I used my cycle the other evening. There is quite an apparent difference in the feel.

    I will heed your advice on the Shimano or Sram chain Patrick. Thank you.

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    My apologies Patrick, I failed to read your post fully and acknowledge your offer.
    That would be marvelous if it comes about; cheers.
    I was considering altering some standard pedals I have here to give a wider 'stance" and reduce the risk of damage to the old carcass.

    More cleaning this afternoon. Unbolted the seat, removed the tube extensions, wiped those hard to access places and reattached the seat. Tweaked the rear wheel spokes with my crappy spoke spanner.
    A decent spoke spanner is added to the shopping list; any recommendations?.
    Washed out the chain a couple or more times, hung it to dry then checked it for wear (wrong sequence ).
    Gave the links a wire buff to reveal Sachs PG chain; it is quite shagged. 156 links of vintage steel.

    I spoke with Brian in Levin and he put me on to a shop that he recommends for tweaking these radial spoke wheels. I will take in the chain rings for assessment too.
    Still waiting on instruction and a schematic of the Schlumpf drive before I give it a health check.

    Are there any cautions on removal of the Sachs click box prior to removing the front wheel??
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    Hey slow runner,

    As long as your chain doesn't have seized links it will be fine. The worry with worn chains and chain rings is that your chain could "skip" or jump teeth. Arm cyclists don't produce enough torque to have to worry about skipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djrolling View Post
    Smity nice looking bike you have there looks brand new. Good work on the upgrades. Everything looks tight and clean

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    Took a look in the parts box and must have given the handgrips away SR.

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    On mine, you put it in first gear and there is a button you push to disengage it and pull it straight off. See pic below.

    Depending on how much you ride and the terrain a handcyclest will indeed wear out a chain and Chainrings if they do not keep the chain changed out when it gets enough wear on it the chainring starts to wear. In the picture, you can see the two on the left have worn. The last one I had almost no teeth in one spot I have worn a few down. I do not have all the ones I have worn down. If I can find a pic of the one off my current handbike I will include it you can see the teeth on one spot are almost gone.

    After a quick search on the internet and that combined with my own experince, I would say that the chainring and cassette will last an easy 10000 miles and or more if the chain is maintained and changed when it should be. That reminds me I need to buy a tool to keep tabs on my chain wear. That being said if you are a gearhead and a bit obsessive over things being precise then you will probably find yourself changing out the chainring and gear cassette more often.

    I cycle as a mode of transportation any and all chances I get as well as for fun and fitness. Most years I rack up 7000 miles or more so maybe I am the exception on wearing out parts.
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