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    iron chains on and the chainring is pressed.
    You are speaking of plain run-of-the-mill black steel chain Patrick?
    I will be venturing out to the shed when the weather improves to carry on the cleaning and sprucing up.
    I have to split the chain and soak/shake it in petrol to see what condition it is in. If it's worth a few more clicks, it will be put back to use.
    Best I start counting links and find some half reasonable quality chain.

    I was a bit hasty with my comment in myprevious post. I did receive a return email from Sunrise Medical early yesterday morning and am waiting on them to get back with a date of manufacture/shipping and information on the frame composition. Misti has promised to do her best- and that is all that can be done. Fingers crossed That I get a good result.

    Before I delve into the mountain drive, a schematic of this older(?) Schlumpf drive will be helpful too. Busy and enjoyable
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