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Thread: option for roof rack/cargo box system for car with no rails or crossbars installed

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    option for roof rack/cargo box system for car with no rails or crossbars installed

    so i'm going on a road trip in my 2016 Subaru Forester and need a little extra storage space. It's the base model so the roof is bare... no rails, crossbars or anything whatsoever. one day, I'd like to think I'll upgrade vehicles and whatever I get will at least have a base rack onto which I'd put a Thule box or something similar that I purchase based on my needs at the time. For right not, I just need something quick and cheap to give me a little extra cargo space. In thee past I've rented a Thule 18 cubic foot box for my Subaru Outback... but that ca had the rails and crossbars. This won't work with my current Forester.

    I do these trips infrequently enough and know enough people willing to lend their Thule (or similar) box that it doesn't make sense to put the money into a full-blown system. I guess I feel like it would be worth it to put some money into the rails/crossbars, but even they can get crazy expensive. I've heard of ones that attach magnetically that are supposed to be able to hole a Thule box and be 100% reliable... and relatively inexpensive compared to having a factory-like set of rails installed, but I'm having trouble making heads or tails of the billions of products I'm finding with the Google.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for either a start-to-finish solution that you know to be safe/reliable and reasonably priced OR an inexpensive way to attach some sort of roof rack (rails/crossbars) that can then hold a box I either borrow from a friend or rent for the week I'll be gone?

    I know "reasonably priced" can mean a lot of different things... I guess tell me what it means to you =).

    Thanks in advance for any insight or wisdom anyone has to share.



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    What are you hauling? How much space do you need?
    I have a "bag" that straps to the roof. Google it, but don't just put "strap on", in the search. The straps hook into the door opening. It flaps like crazy in cross winds. On my Jeep I have a trailer hitch receiver that I put a cargo carrier from Harbor Freight.

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    trying to avoid the "big bag" option. In a perfect world, we'd have most of the gear and dog accessories up in the box... that and other stuff that we'll want to be able get to almost at will... trying not to have through the trunk and definitely not though a HUGE suitcase (for all intents and purposes) strapped to the roof. I know the Thule boxes are not 100% accommodating but the closest I've seen in a wile. Worst case scenario, yes, we'll probably opt for the bag and just pack the trunk more WAY more carefully, but I don't even have a set of rails on the roof yet on which to mount the bag. I've found these rails: - seem to be compatible with our Forester... just don't know enough about the Thule boxes and how they mount to know if these are likely to work with whatever Thule box I'm able to borrow or rent (and ultimately buy). Ya know?

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