I am still sitting here after four hours trying to straight cath. My groin is so tight and just stays that way. The tension is also in my back and pulls my core to the left. I have taken my legs and straddled them on the outside of my wheelchair to try and see if that helps, but it just stays tight. This will happen sometimes of my bladder gets to full, but this is different.

In the past two months, my back has been spasming too. This occurs when I get my left leg dried. Touching the skin on my leg seems to set off a spasm in my back.

Before I had a baclofen pump put in, I remember that my leg would jerk if you touched it.

I'm wondering how long baclofen pump catheters last?? It's probably been more than 15 years since mine has been changed, and I'm wondering if that's what's causing all this.

I'll be calling my doctor about a dye test, just wondered if anyone has gone through any of these experiences.