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Thread: Temporary outdoor shower

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    Completely remodeled a shower at a condo (used epoxy grout), purchased a ADA barrier free shower pan from great resource, friendly on the phone, answered and explained everything. Site shows great options for next shower remodel for my house, in few years.
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    If the grout is not intended to hold the water back, where is it expected to go? Once it percolates down to the liner, where the hell does that go, except into the ceiling of the floor below. The liner goes in the framed out pan and the mud base is properly sloped toward the central drain. The mud base is then tiled. If water gets to the grout and hits the mud base or the liner, even if you are properly sloped toward the center, there is no way to catch this water. The only way water is removed from the shower is that it is captured by the drain.

    That is the major benefit of premade fiberglass pans. There is no tile or grout and the service is completely impermeable. Should anything happen to the pan or one would need to probably do is rip out a bit of lowermost wall tile and then put in the new pan.

    I had water in my basement from underneath my roll in shower. I was told everything from just do the wall grouting to demo out the entire bathroom. They did demo all three walls of the shower, plus the floor obviously. On the surface everything looked fine, very solid. Once they removed the floor the cancer was exposed and required extensive demolition further out in the bathroom to excise the tumor until they found solid wood. The shower was 18 years old and was probably leaking for at least 10 years if not more. The subflooring was reduced to a substance which resembled compost.

    They repaired the deterioration, framed out the new pan, vinyl liner, mud job, and new tile. Total job took four days. Homeowners insurance reimbursement 68%.

    Hopefully, this shower should be the last one I will need in my natural life.

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    Yay for you crags. I had my shower redone in tile but there is nothing underneath but concrete and sand, plus like you, the sealed tile will certainly outlive me.

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    "If the grout is not intended to hold the water back, where is it expected to go?"

    The shower drain has "weep" holes where the water that permeates the tile/grout drains. Obviously the drain itself captures the bulk water, but water will migrate between the liner and tile. If improperly installed those drain holes get blocked and ineffective. This happens with many installations.

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    I posted a few pictures in this and the next post of my shower issue and repair. The first shows the old shower floor. The problem was that the right front corner. I also posted what was going on in my basement below the shower.

    Once they ripped off the floor tile can see the damage starting at that corner and migrating laterally towards the other side of the bathroom. They then cut this back until they got to solid wood. You can see through the floor into the basement.
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    This shows the new shower. There is a product which is quite handy and goes across the entrance of the shower. It is a collapsible piece of triangular foam which you can easily rollover and yet prevents any flow out of the shower.
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