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Thread: What type of glue do you use for the Surge strip?

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    Lacquer thinner

    I use lacquer thinner to clean the rim. It removes any glue left. Clean back side of rubber insert. Use a Q-tip to clean it. Let dry, fit, cut and super glue it back in place.

    As you will notice the rubber insert is worn and thin at the edges.

    The sections I super glued have not come off.

    Hope this helps. Never thought of the 45 degree cut. I'll try it the next time.

    There is going to be a massive wave of 'chair users with their inserts pealing off and Out-Front won't do anything to help the consumer. As consumers we can make a FDA complaint.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    I also hunch it would serve you to put a little tire-patch cement on the two faces of your cut. Patching glue partially dissolves the surfaces and allows a certain amount of bonding of the two rubber faces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    The arcing is you stretched the rubber insert.
    Now that I think of it some more, I can see a scenario where this would happen. When I dress, I lift myself up with one arm and shift all my weight over that side. When I do this, my hand is rolling over the edge of the strip with all my upper body weight. At that instant, one small piece shears loose and stretches about 1/2". As it is stretching, it pulls off a few more inches on both sides. Hence, you end up with a loose strip that is about 1/2" longer than it should be.

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