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Thread: Redman Ultimate Rx Power Standing Wheelchair - 1.5 miles on it

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    Redman Ultimate Rx Power Standing Wheelchair - 1.5 miles on it

    I purchased a Redman Power Standing chair for approximately $20,000. While waiting for delivery, my insurance finally came through on another chair. I hopped in that one first and so never used the Redman.

    Asking $13,500 or Best Offer.

    It's pretty impressive and takes up a tiny footprint space-wise. Redman has been in business making chairs for 35-years. Greater range-of-motion then quantum or permobil chairs. They call it "chairapy" and view the chair as a recovery tool, not just to sit in.

    Here's the chair in action:

    And here's an article on how versatile the body positioning system is on an older model of the chair (my chair is the most current model with vast improvements)

    - Only 1.5 miles
    - Full warranty
    - Free shipping

    - Only 22'' wide with 4'' wide balloon tires for extra traction and increased ride.
    - Only 39'' overall length with 0 resistance and silent tipping system
    - Only 14.75'' seat height in the rear for increased sitting stability and many other advantages
    - Power telescope footrest adds a fourth dimension
    - R-net 120 amp controller
    - Easy to access free wheel release for high torque motors
    - Comes with Roho contour Quadtro cushion

    Please ask any questions you have. Payment via PayPal to protect both of us. Thanks!
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    Asking $9,500

    (paid $20,000)

    Shoot me an email at
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    Price reduced to $8,500

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    No longer selling.

    Do NOT buy if you see this selling elsewhere. Apparently, I was sold a defective chair and it was never fixed. Seller refuses to give me a refund and has the chair, too.

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