My Dad is an incomplete para who walks with AFOs and forearm crutches. He normally does CIC during the day, and puts in a foley every night. He wants to have the option of sometimes keeping the foley in and using a leg bag during the day if he has a long outing planned that makes cathing on schedule difficult.

Yesterday he tried using a leg bag using pointers you guys gave him years ago. We bought a Hollister kit with soft extension tubing that KLD recommended, and cut the extension tubing to optimize the length. It was quite difficult disconnecting the foley from the night bag because he puts that on incredibly tight every night because he worries about leaks. But attaching to the leg bag was easy. Urine flowed well. The flip flo top to empty is nice.

But he complained that the foley felt like it was getting tugged, especially as the bag filled up more. The bag was attached to his lower leg, as he needs a large size bag because he can make a lot of urine in a short period of time.

For those of you who wear AFOs and walk with these bags, any pointers how/where to secure the bags/tubing to make them very secure with walking? Or other specific recs about what securing devices you use?

My Dad tried to put one of the leg bag straps above his AFOs, and used one of the velcro leg straps for holding the foley tubing itself on his thigh. But clearly that wasn't enough.

Next time we will try adding some tape along the length of the extension tubing.