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Thread: Musings from a neurogenic bowel

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    Musings from a neurogenic bowel

    Musings from a neurogenic bowel

    Saw a gastroenterologist a couple years ago. He got me taking miralax 3 times a day. It worked but I felt like a cake icing funnel bag that leaked. I started using panty liners inside my titie whities. My poo came out about 1/4 inch thick streams. It was also messy. He said my problem was that I was an addict. How could he not know about neurogenic bowel. He never mentioned it. I continued taking miralax 3x/day till about 6 months ago and started having problems with not pooping even though I would take miralax at least once a day, using a laxative. I was 'making' on my own (with miralax) for maybe a week, I would take some oral senna (5 capsules senna) so I?m going back on the 3 miralax a day.

    I cant seem to sufficiently do the stimulation of the sphincter. I tried real hard today. I could feel the part that was constricted but I was unable to stimulate it. I tried sticking a tube up there. It didn't work and had a little blood on it. Wont try that again. Ordered a Maddak Bathroom Anus Stimulator. Also along with the finger/tube I used 2 generic bisacodyl and didn't make. I?m broken harted. Also ordered some official magic bullets. Give them a try.

    I?m afraid to eat. Have eaten 3 strawberries and one piece of millet bread.

    My enema bag back flowed the other day. Guess I?ll get a new one. Got poo in it. I used to do enemas, Did a 1.5 qt, enema a couple weeks ago and almost nothing came out.

    So I don?t just have opioid-induced constipation (OIC) . I also got a neurogenic bowel?

    I'm hungry and sick and tired of taking laxatives.

    Getting a cortisone shot on my neck in 3 days for nerve pain in my arms. Maybe this will help relax me .
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