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    happy dance went to dr 2 weeks ago x ray great nada nothing dr could not help say he don/t know wed we have our week prayer meeting I ask for prayer hands on prayer I have not plugged up or wet since

    yes I am still irrigating but it clear very little sediment yes I give god the glory . so I give god the glory on that amen

    yes I have prayed to get out of this dam chair that prayer not answered yet..
    I am waiting on him to sort out my Sons' stage 4 cancer and my Grandchilds' Angelman Syndrome.
    God is a bit selective at times; it is probably the huge workload he is under

    Acetic acid. Do you like sauerkraut and picked vegetables? It could assist. Too much dairy is not good for us, especially the sanitised processed stuff that is passed off as dairy. Milk straight from the cow and simple cheeses are best IMO.
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    I had been dealing with mucous and sediment that clogged my catheter every couple days. If my boyfriend wasn't home, I often waited for hours until a nurse could come and change it. My friend suggested an herbal tea that is specifically for kidney and bladder. I drink a glass a day, which has decreased the sediment and has not clogged. It's called SpeedyVite kidney bladder tea.

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