I've heard a various people recommend SleepNumber mattresses. I'm looking into them and have some questions. I now use TempurPedic, which I like a lot but they only last 8 months or so before they start to sag.

I tend to spend a lot of time in bed, and I don't really weightshift when I'm asleep.

  1. Any suggestions on what kind? Can I just get the mattress without the electric bed?
  2. Do these make any transformer hum? Some of my electrical devices, like my adjustable table, makes a hum sometimes even when not in use. It would be bothersome in a bed while trying to sleep.
  3. I thought I read some people say they put a TempurPedic foam topper over the mattress. Is this necessary?
  4. For some reason the SleepNumber stores by me all get savaged on Yelp. The reviews typically complain about warranty and return policies. Any comments on SleepNumber service/reliability?