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Thread: Two Transfermaster beds for sale

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    Two Transfermaster beds for sale

    For sale: two Transfermaster beds, purchased new, lightly used.
    One is a New Valient, the other a Companion bed
    The New Valient has joystick controls
    attached to the side rail, good for a patient with a C-5 injury.
    The two beds together are great for a couple that wants to sleep together.
    Each bed is an extra long twin, together they make a Dual King
    Both beds for sale together for $1,000. Pick up required from Asheville, NC
    For more info please email me,

    You can read more about the beds on the Transfermaster website.
    The New Valiant electric hospital bed is a great choice if you need all the functions of a full-featured hospital bed. The New Valiant is a 5 function electric hospital bed providing the user and/or caregivers complete control of the bed through a wired hand control. The New Valiant is capable of adjusting the high/low, the head/foot, and Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg positions. The New Valiant is a superb choice for those situations that require easy cleaning access and outstanding dependability in a lighter weight electric hospital bed.The Companion, a head and foot adjustable bed is identical in style and a perfect complement to the New Valiant, often ordered for a Dual King setup. The standard model handles up to 300 pounds.

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    These beds are still for sale. $500 for the pair, pickup required from Asheville, NC.

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    How about free?
    Pickup still required from Asheville, NC

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