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Thread: Ricon KlearVue Lift problem, again.

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    If I recall correctly, 11V was with the motor running and a load using this tester. 9V with the motor off and 11V with the motor on and loaded are both borderline conditions. Hence, it wasn't failing but it wasn't working well either. That's why you need a tester.
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    Battery found to be OK.
    The Down switch will Deploy lift.
    Anyone know of a reliable and hopefully reasonable priced place to find a new control Pendant. It's 9 pin plug.
    I really would like new one, found some on E-bay but none looks like mine.
    Checked commercial bus place in city but won't sell to public.
    Ask Rural Transit driver if they did inhouse repairs and he said no that they use same shop we use to to we lost confidence in last year. Seems they have also, he's having make several attempts to get little problem fixed.

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    Just to be clear I never said the battery could be the problem with the lift not moving. It was only mentioned as due diligence in response to tripping the breaker.

    Why do you want a new pendant? Have you verified the failure?

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    August West, My fingers don't work well enough. But, yes neighbor checked battery before, after driving and he was able to change bottom to top switches.

    Rustyjames, No those don't look the same. I'll try to post what found in Ricon Tech site:
    Kit is Part Number: 14727
    Here is picture if it works from their site:

    Thank ya'll

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    Mike, the pendants can be styled different, it's the 9 pin connector that plugs into the lift itself is what really matters. You can see the connector here:

    The pic you posted looks like it has the same connector. Regardless, you can check your cable with an ohm meter to see if you have a bad switch, or a break in a wire.

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    Thanks, may have to get that one.
    Found a new one online bus parts place but to late to call this evening. It's cost is listed at just over $150. Will check with them in morning and see about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeP2013 View Post
    August West, My fingers don't work well enough
    You might like this pendant with toggle switches.

    By the way, the red arrows point to screws that are used to adjust the limit switches located inside the lift arm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    You might like this pendant with toggle switches.

    By the way, the red arrows point to screws that are used to adjust the limit switches located inside the lift arm.
    I didn't get to call about pendant I found today, been a bad day all the way round. Fri not looking good either, but did get a doctor appointment in morning.

    That style pendant might work better with my hand.
    Those screws, I've not noticed any like that except on threshold that inward Rollgate locks in place over when Stowed. Is that the screws in picture?

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    On my lift, these screws are on the arm. The arm is vertical in the picture because the lift is stowed. Of course the arm is horizontal when the lift is deployed. Your owner's manual will tell you exactly where the limit switches are. If the lift is deploying but not going down, I bet dollars to donuts that the reason is a limit switch setting, a limit switch connection, or a limit switch failure.

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