Hi, I was hoping to get some assistance with my lift, again.
I posted last fall about my lift would Deploy but would not lower. August West gave gave info and advice on setting limit switches and it cured it til now.
Lift was not doing Deploy correctly, leaving lift just partly in Deploy with still partly folded.
I adjusted, rather tried to adjust Limit Switches with the set screws.
After awhile I realized the Breaker on top of lift motor was tripping when holding Deploy button on control pendant.
Well by now, before realizing Breaker was tripped I have adjust set screw clockwise and counterclockwise several times.
So, I used Manual pump to lower lift into Deploy position.
Lift will Down/UP and Stow with no issue.
But, Deploy it will not do unless use Manual pump and raise Inward Rollplate to allow lift to Deploy.
Found by accident if hit wrongly the Down button instead of Deploy lift will Deploy but continues all way to ground unless let go of button.

So, could still be just need keep adjusting set screws for Limit Switches?
Could be Control Pendant's Deploy button is worn out, original pendant and lift is a bit over 15 years old?
Any advice, ideas on what is wrong and needs done or replacement parts that need?