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Thread: new chair ?

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    new chair ?

    im thinking of getting a new chair
    i thought about specikng it myself or have the dme guy do i know it be cheaper on my insurance but nervous of measuring myself even using the chair thing chart

    any advice
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    IMHO: No matter what you decide:
    first measure your current chair. If it fits well then measurements of it would be handy compare to any done later.
    second measure yourself, even if current chair fits well or get a person you trust to assist as needed.
    third compare those measurements before agreeing to whatever numbers your seating clinic, company rep or DME obtains with their measurements.
    "Good Luck!"

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    I used to rely on those guys' judgement before I realized how badly they can mess it up. They're still a good resource. Just don't trust them 100% and do your own due diligence. Eventually, you'll be telling them what they need to know. Tough part about gaining experience with specing chairs is you only get to do it once every 5 years or so. Best way around that is to do a lot of homework like reading posts of other people's experiences and asking lots of questions. Even then there's no "right" solution. You want the chair to be different for different activities. For example, you want it to be tall for accessing counters and shelves and social interaction but you want it be short to get a good push. You have to find the best trade off that works for you. No DME is going to know your needs as well as you do (should).

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    I completely agree with doing yourself. If your chair is perfect now, go with that. If it's off at all, measure those specific parts.
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    I forgot one very important thing! Once the order has been wrote up, spec out for the DME's quote make sure you have eyes on the complete spec out order. My 18" seat width and 16" seat back had just grew to DME's measurement of 24" seat width as well as back. I still have no idea where they came up with those numbers. Rx and Justification was wrote for first set of numbers.
    "Good Luck!"

    BTW: Do not accept chair that don't fit or have what orginal order was for even if DME says will correct latter. You may at least 5 years of the mistakes!

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    good points im gonna have to do some thinking
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