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Thread: Cushion advice needed.

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    Cushion advice needed.

    For more than 20 plus years I've been sitting on an Otto Bock Cloud with Floam cushion. This week a Numotion representative and physical therapist and a TiLite representative stopped by my house to go over details on my new TiLite ZR.

    When asked about the cushion I said. "I want an Otto Bock Cloud cushion."

    Both representatives looked at each other and the Numotion rep said, "Otto Boch got out of the seating cushion business several years ago."

    Which I was left in disbelief! I never had a pressure injury from the Otto Bock Cloud cushion. The Numotion rep said he came buy one from another company if he can find one my size (16"W x 18"D) and add his profit to it. I thought I can do the same too and save myself that extra profit but my insurance should cover the cost of the cushion.

    The Numotion rep suggested Roho and TiLite representative suggested a Permobile cushion which is made up of diamond shaped air bags inside a piece of plastic type material.

    I do not want a air cushion or a Roho cushion. I would like to steer in the direction of a gel cushion.

    With today's digital fabrication and advancements in 3D printing I saw some cushions made of a polymer hex shape and very light in weight but I do not know if it is good?

    Both reps asked, "What are you looking for in a cushion?"

    I replied, "Pressure injury protection. Weight does not matter to me."

    So I am reaching out to the CareCure community on what are some good high quality pressure injury protection cushions that you are using?

    What cushion are you sitting on to protect your butt?

    Why do you like it?

    Can you please find a photo of the inside of the cushion or a web site address to refer to.

    This is what an Otto Bock Cloud cushion looks like inside.

    Thanks for your help and input.

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