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    I took matters into my own hands since I was suffering severe reactions to the heavy antibiotic regime my Urologist was continuously subjecting me to. I was actually getting worse under my Uro's care. I won't elaborate on just how bad I had gotten.

    The phage therapy is being done on the advisement and recommendation of the Phage Therapy Center. Hopefully I should be able to answer some of your questions over time.

    Bacteria over a long time frame, can become Phage resistant, but in doing so, the bacteria looses it's ability to resist antibiotics. So the bacteria reverts to it's pre-antibiotic resistance state (according to USA based Adaptive Phage Therapeutics research).

    If another bacteria emerges, there should be a Phage to address it, since the most common for me has been Enterococcus and E.coli, with E.coli being dominate. PTC offers an off the shelf single Phage that will address both Enterococcus and E.coli simultaneously. The Phage Therapy Center can also custom tailor a Phage "cocktail" that can target multiple pathogens since I have inquired about this previously.

    If the Phage does in fact eradicate the resistant pathogen strain, and eliminate the supporting biofilm (as Adaptive Phage Therapeutics has reported based on their lab research), then theoretically, I should be able to transition into a maintenance phase using something like Methenamine, that I have used successfully in the past.

    It's to early to answer some of your questions definitively.
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