Yes, this post more aptly belongs in the Exercise and Recovery forum, but that space seems kind of moribund.

Over 11 years ago I was given a StimMaster Galaxy FES bike (a donation from the widow whose husband was SCI). I used it pretty regularly though there were long stretches of inactivity. The StimMaster -- like the ERGYS (anyone remember those? The company's manufacturer, Therapeutic Alliances, Inc., still has an active, though ancient-looking website but it's last copyright date is 2012. I haven't heard anything about them in years and had to jog my memory to remember their name) -- was a real estate-hogging behemoth. When I moved from NYC to LA, I left the StimMaster behind and ultimately bought a second-hand RT-300 (not a donation, but the seller was also an SCI widow -- hmm), which I have used inconsistently.

The purpose of this post is to get a sense of the current relative interest in FES biking and for those who own one, to find out whether you're using it. It takes considerable commitment to use one regularly. I imagine that newer injuries, fueled by good intention, are the group most motivated to buy an FES bike. I'm 35 years post, so I kind of aged out of the newbie club. Anyway, seeing as my mortal coil is resisting shuffling off, I'm trying to re-commit to riding. God, I've been at this SCI thing for a godforsaken long time. Since the middle of Reagan's first term.