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Thread: single sided forks for front casters

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    single sided forks for front casters

    any advantages to them are they as strong as the double sided i guess you may get closr to things if single sided but i dont see how they could be as durable
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    It's easier to put on/off.

    Stuff (mostly dog hair and carpet fiber) gets caught in between the fork and caster. A 1-sided fork cuts that in half. That means your casters roll easier.

    Regarding loading, they spec 250 lbs weight limit. Weight is spread out over 2 casters and 2 wheels. The wheels take most of that load. I don't think it's an issue for the fork. The axle is the weak spot. I've had one crack before when a fat lady sat on my lap. An x-ray showed a hairline fracture on my femur. Probably the same culprit. Never again.
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    Double-sided forks are stronger, hence that's why the single-sided forks are not an option on TiLite frames for users >300 lbs.
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    I hav the single-sided fork and hate it because cords catch in the wheel. Running over an extension cord can be a pain, but other things catch in it as well. Looks cool, behaves badly.

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    thanks if i think ill stick with the double sided
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    I went back to double sided. Bent 2 sets, I'm pretty sure it is from going down a ramp and then hitting level pavement at the bottom. Plus the mentioned electrical cords - maddening at the least. Looks wise, they look cooler to us. Not one non-wheeler ever said, wow look at those forks - not that I'd give a rats what anyone thinks when it come to my chair. Glad you decided to stay with two side.

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    I've had single sided forks (frog legs) for the last 7 years and have never bent one or had a cord get stuck in it, for what it's worth. I think they look way better, less hair in the casters is a plus, and the extra 3/4" or so of clearance on each side has come in handy. No downside for me at least.

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