I know there has been a great deal of discussion about it in the past and recently as well.

I had mine placed on January 29th this year. The urologist isn't familiar with SCI persons. I'm learning this more and more as I see him for follow-ups. (it was an emergency procedure)

He wants my supra to stay put until mid October, then will scope the urethra confirming the damage from cathing has healed. Afterwards I'm hoping to resume intermediate cathing again.
I personally think having the supra this long isn't necessary.

I should probably start clamping off the tubing through the day? This supra is going to shrink my bladder capacity, most likely leading to numerous accidents, when I start to self-cath again. What's someone else's thoughts? Nurses?

I'll be contacting a SCI urologist and getting the details of how long I actually need to keep this supra in. Being a T-10 level, I absolutely hate all the tubing on me.
I'm 40 minutes driving distance from Shirley Ryan Ability Lab and Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, where I plan on getting a urologist and hoping to see my primary SCI Dr, whom I haven't in 5 years now.