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Thread: Transcription software (besides Dragon)?

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    Transcription software (besides Dragon)?

    Though I'll keep fooling with it, I can't get Dragon to transcribe telephone interviews that are at all understandable. Does anybody know of other software to try? Or maybe quadriplegic journalists I might ask? The hours I burn between a mouth stick, voice recognition, mouse keys, etc., etc. Thanks.

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    I use the standard Windows 10 voice transcription. Other than odd Random capitalization of words in the middle of Sentences, It does well. (actual example)

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    Thanks, I had no idea about this and will look at it.

    Just curious, are you also using Windows Speech Recognition? I understand it's mostly the same since Vista, but I find it virtually unusable on my Windows 10 computer. I had two different laptops that ran Windows 7 and WSR on both of those was smooth sailing. Now this. Speaks for itself.

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    I didn't realize Windows had two accessories for voice recognition. The one I use is started by holding down the Windows logo key and pressing the H key. I just tried to use Windows speech recognition but it wouldn't work for me.

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